vanilla icing sugar

VanillepuderzuckerLast weekend I made a very tasty redcurrant-cheesecake from this website, and I needed the seeds from one vanilla pod. I was always very unhappy with throwing away the scraped out pod, so I usually keep it to cook it whenever there is milk and something sweet involved, with the milk.
Sometime ago I thought of making my own vanilla sugar. I put the vanilla pod with some sugar in a blender and out came vanilla flavoured icing sugar. Nice!
Easy and versatile, as I like it. But to call this a recipe is mere exaggeration …

ingredients vanilla icing sugar

  •  1 scraped out vanilla pod Vanilleschote
  • 1 cup sugar (ideally light cane sugar)

IMG_7744Simply put the sugar with the pod in a blender an bland it until the vanilla pod ist almost completely dissolved. I like to have a few small crumbs left in the powdered sugar.
You will need to shake the blender a few times, so everything can mix well.

I would love to try it out with less sugar, but it doesn’t work in my blender, so I guess I will have to add a second vanilla pod sometime.

Great whenever vanilla sugar is asked for or on waffles and everything sweet you want to add a subtle vanilla flavour.

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