Katy’s red fruit jelly (Rote Grütze)

ObstausbeuteBeing able to have a garden is a great thing, but it brings also the necessity to use all the produce, as soon as it’s ripened.
Most things that are growing purposely in my garden are edible. Makes it easier for me to take care of them :-)

Today I picked for the first time a very big bowl red and black currants, and also some strawberries (better: what the slugs and wood louses left for me, they are so fast when it comes to eating strawberries …) And the bushes are still loaded.

So one thing was clear: today we will eat red fruit jelly!
Well, actually it’s Rote Grütze, and I am not really sure if fruit jelly translates it well, but I didn’t find another translation.





  • 1,5kg mixed berries (e.g. red & black currants, strawberries, cherries, raspberries)
  • 300g sugar
  • 500ml water
  • 150g tapioka pearls (the small ones)

Topf mit ObstWash and drain the fruit and halve or quarter the larger pieces, to make sure that everything ist about the same size.
Bring the berries together with the sugar and the water to a boil in a heavy bottomed pot and cook for 3 minutes. Now strain the berries through a fine sieve and put the juice back on the stove. As soon as the juice cooks again, whisk the tapioca pearls into the liquid and reduce the heat to the absolute minimum. Let simmer for about 30 min, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon. Be careful, that the tapioca doesn’t stick on the bottom of the pot, that happens very easily.
The tapioca is done as soon as it is completely clear and no white center can be seen in the pearls. Maybe it will need longer than 30 minutes.

As soon as the pearls are clear, add the berries to the pot and give it a stir.
Now you only have to bring it to the boil one final time and your fruit jelly is finished.
Pour in one big bowl or divide between small ones. Let cool to room temperature and put it in the refrigerator until set.
You can enjoy it in the classic (german) way with vanilla sauce or with plain yoghurt.


Rote Grütze

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