Balsamico-lentils with sweet potatoes

This is a classic dish in my family. My mother made this salad with regular potatoes. I like the combination of crispy potatoes with  lentils and spring onions, and therefore I cook it often. Today I tried sweet potatoes, which ist nice, but if you only have „regular“ ones, use them, it’s delicious anyway.

This salad feeds 2–3 hungry persons or makes a nice starter for 6.


  • 500g puy or beluga lentils
  • 1 big or 2 medium sweet potatoes oder potatoes
  • 1 shallot
  • 4 spring onions
  • 2 Tbsp oil for frying
  • 8 Tbsp balsamico
  • 1 Tbsp red wine vinegar
  • 10 Tbsp olive oil
  • salt & pepper
  • 1 good handful parsley

First of all put the lentils on the stove. Boil them according to packet instructions in a large amount of water, do not salt the water.
As soon as the water boils, reduce the heat to a minimum and let the lentils simmer. Check on them after 20 min to see if they are done, don’t overcook them, because they’ll get mushy and taste watery. The lentils are perfect if they still have a bit of a bite. (Ok, here I am struggling with my english …)

Peel the potatoes and cut them in cubes of approx. 1 cm. Fry them in 1–2 Tbsp oil, tossing occasionally to brown on all sides.

IMG_4447Chop the shallot and parsley finely and put them in a big bowl.
Halve the spring onions and cut them in 3 cm pieces.
As soon as the lentils are done, drain them well and put them in the bowl with the parsley and the shallot, season to taste with salt and pepper, mix with the wine vinegar, 6–7 Tbsp Balsamico and about 8 Tbsp olive Oil. If you like more balsamico or olive oil, add some more.
When the potatoes are crispy put them also in the bowl.
Fry the spring onions gently in a little oil and finish with 1–2 Tbsp balsamico. Drape nicely on the salad and tuck in.





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